Grub Prevention and Control

The Lawn Ranger has proven methods to manage the number of grubs in your lawn, preventing them from killing grass and causing yellow patches that take away from the beauty of your home.

Grubs thrive in the root systems of turf grass. These larvae are on a constant assault, turning yards patchy and yellow. Japanese beetles lay eggs in the summer, which will emerge as C-shaped, wormlike larvae called grubs. Studies show that lawns with grubs one year have an 80% chance of getting grubs again the following year. We strongly suggest that you have our guaranteed grub prevention formula applied to protect your yard. 

If it is too late for prevention and you must rescue a damaged lawn, our grub control service will certainly eliminate them.

We apply Dylox and Merit, which are both proven grub regulators and safe to use on lawns. The two chemicals are environmentally safe, and pose no threat to humans or animals. If a grub infected lawn is not treated quickly, the result will be a brown, lifeless lawn.

Things to look for:

  • Japanese beetles
  • Thinning grass
  • Dry grass, even when the soil is moist
  • Animals like moles and raccoons digging in your yard
  • Large patches of brown grass
  • Increased number of birds on your lawn
  • White C-shaped, worm-like larvae