Calling The Lawn Ranger is the first step towards creating a lush, thick, green and beautiful lawn.

By utilizing only the best available products and putting them in the hands of licensed professionals, we are able to deliver amazing results every single time. While other companies might use low-quality fertilizers to cut costs, The Lawn Ranger uses non-burning, dry, synthetic, organic fertilizer which is safe in all temperatures.

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Services Overview

TRUST. Trust is the word used most often when describing why Greater Youngstown Area homeowners elect to do business with the Lawn Ranger. We stand by the effectiveness of our services and professionalism of our technicians. Click any of the subjects below to learn what we can do for your lawn.



Looking for a thick, green, weed-free lawn? Start with our six-step fertilization service. Unlike many of our competitors, each application consists of weed control as well as fertilizer.


Aerating your lawn is a great way to reduce thatch, loosen up compacted soil, and better allow for air, water and nutrients to reach the roots of your turf. The result? Deeper stronger roots.

Worry no-mower service

The Lawn Ranger professionals will give your lawn and garden equipment a thorough maintenance service, so your lawn machinery works properly throughout each season


grubs & Insects

Grub prevention service will keep grubs from ruining your lawn. Already have grubs? Our technicians can eliminate them and treat for all common lawn pests safely and effectively.

Perimeter pests

This series of treatments provides an insect shield around your home, which reduces the number of insects (such as ants, crickets, mites and spiders) from entering your home.


The Lawn Ranger is capable of virtually eliminating all types of unwanted vegetation in the areas you want to keep clean; fence lines, gravel parking lots, driveways, curb lines, and more.



Overseeding helps ensure that your lawn stays thick and dense, or if it has thinned, it will make your lawn thick again. Overseeding also makes your lawn disease-resistant.


Slit-seeding combines vertical mowing with seeding. Since the seed is placed in direct contact with the soil, The Lawn Ranger's seeding success is usually quite high.

soil testing

Soil testing measures available plant nutrients in your soil, levels of acidity, and the organic matter content of your lawn. With this information we can make accurate and timely recommendations.



Meet some of the best technicians in the state. 

While most companies only have one state licensed technician and the rest of the technicians operate under that one license,  all of the technicians at The Lawn Ranger are all state licensed.  This means that all of our lawn care professionals are trained and equipped to diagnose all of your lawn care needs.  In addition to being lawn and turf care experts we are also licensed in ornamental and shade trees and vertebrae pests. This allows us to provide comprehensive services while we are on your lawn.


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