Slit Seeding

Slit-seeding combines vertical mowing with seeding.

Since the seed is placed in direct contact with the soil, seeding success is quite high. 

Slit-seeding is an effective method for those who are interested in renovating their lawn. The process is highly successful, but requires special slit-seeding equipment to complete the job properly. Most slit-seeding equipment is outfitted with a dethatching device that will remove old dead layers of grass from you lawn, while simultaneously placing seed directly into your soil. A slit-seeder rolls along your lawn and makes small slits in the soil. Next, the machine takes seed from a bin and places it into each slit. The slit-seeder then rolls over the seeded area to compact the soil around the seeds. 

The Lawn Ranger suggests having this service done in early September. 

Slit-seeding benefits:

  • Seed comes in direct contact with the soil
  • Provides seed with adequate moisture
  • Quick germination process
  • Fills in thin areas in the lawn
  • Cost-effective compared to laying down new sod
  • Multiple seeds can be mixed for your specific lawn needs