Vegetation Control

Eliminate virtually all types of unwanted vegetation in the areas you want to keep clean, such as fence lines, gravel parking lots, driveways, curb areas, and more. 

Vegetation issues are the number one complaint among those of us who like to keep our lawn in pristine condition. Weeds grow quickly and steal the much needed nutrients and moisture away from healthy lawns.

There are two types of weeds, annual and perennial.

Annual weeds sprout around the same time each year. They have a lifespan of a few months and then die. This means that they require a pre-emergent herbicide.

Perennial weeds can regenerate, allowing them to have multiple life spans throughout the year. These weeds are treated with a post-emergent herbicide.

Three types of weeds:

  • Grassy-like weeds look like grass, but have triangular stem
  • Broad-leafed weeds stand out with wide leaves and steams, or flat leaves with veins
  • Grass-like weeds look like grass, but have a hollow joint in the stem

Weeds can be controlled by the combination of a correct mowing height, fertilization, and watering. These techniques ultimately promote a thicker lawn that will keep the sun from reaching dormant weed seedlings that are nestled deep in the soil. Keeping the sun away from these seedlings will prevent germination, and keep a lawn free of the imperfections caused by weeds.