Insect Control

A Lawn Ranger professional can treat your lawn for common lawn pests, safely and effectively.

A lush, green lawn can easily be ruined by a wide variety of insects such as predatory ants, ground beetles, and cutworms. Theses insects are opportunists who attack vulnerable turf grass, causing discoloration and death. The destructive results of these pesky insects are similar to problems we see with lawns that are over-fertilized or lacking moisture. 

It is important to trust a professional at The Lawn Ranger to analyze the problem, and to expertly confirm that the damage is caused by insects. Identifying the problem is crucial, because a lawn can be severely damaged if improperly treated with insecticides. If your lawn is contaminated with harmful insects, The Lawn Ranger has a variety of highly effective insecticide treatments, which will enable you to regain a healthy and green lawn. 

Preventing harmful insects:

  • Keep your mower at the appropriate cutting height for your lawn
  • Water appropriately
  • Aerate, to reduce thatch and promote water penetration
  • Have a proper fertilization program
  • Be sure to check your lawn for discoloration and insects regularly