Soil Testing

Soil testing allows us to measure available plant nutrients in the soil, to tell how acidic the soil is, and to learn its organic matter content.

With soil test information, we can make accurate recommendations to improve your lawn.

A soil test can be completed upon request by The Lawn Ranger to ensure that the correct chemicals are being applied to your lawn. Our tests are done locally because we know your soil will be examined by a professional who is an expert on its nutritional and chemical makeup. The amount of nutrients, such as potassium, nitrogen, and phosphorus, can be determined through a soil test. After these nutrient levels are discovered, the test will allow us to set up a fertilization program specifically designed for your particular lawn.

This process has worked well for many of our clients who have had a history of lawn troubles and were unable to find a fertilization program which could keep their lawn consistently healthy and green.

Soil tests also reveal the soil’s physical composition by showing acidity, moisture content, and organic matter level. Additionally, the environment will benefit from a soil test by preventing the possibility of over-fertilization

Several benefits of soil testing:

  • Learn the best way to utilize the existing nutrients in your soil
  • Maintain the appropriate pH level of your soil
  • Eliminate unnecessary applications of fertilizer to your lawn
  • Sustain a consistent level of nutrients to produce a green, healthy lawn
  • Discover any insufficient amounts of nutrients
  • Prevent key nutrients from being wasted in excess water areas.