Japanese beetles lay their eggs in the soil in July. The next year in July, the larvae from those eggs emerge as white, C-shaped, wormlike creatures called grubs.

Over the last few years, the challenge of preventing and controlling grubs has become necessary for numerous homeowners. Unfortunately, if your lawn had grubs last year, there is an 80% chance of getting grubs again this year. If you chose not to protect your lawn with our grub preventer, our guaranteed service during Rounds 2 or 3, it is probable that you will again have an infestation of grubs in your yard now as well as in the future. Grubs eat the roots of the grass. Because of this, you may see browning of your turf, which can be lifted like a carpet. Grubs will be visible underneath, and immediate action will be necessary.

The Lawn Ranger will be happy to apply Dylox or Duocide, which are grub control products, to kill your grubs. This service is an additional charge. If the damage in your yard is excessive, you may even want our company to overseed damaged areas.